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UV Grunge Party


UV Gunge Party is the ultimate in messy entertainment, and a hot favourite in Nightclubs, Student Unions, and even under 18's events! Whether it's popular crowd-pleasing wrestling and games in the gooey Gunge, or Kid's TV nostalgia - taking a dip in the yellow/green Gunge Pit following a wrong answer to one of the Quiz Master's tricky questions – UV Gunge Party's versatility is key to its success as a nightclub entertainment solution. Our UV Gunge Party in a Box is ideal to keep in stock for last minute or spontaneous, year round entertainment that's easy to set up and does not require pre-booking or include the added expense of operators. UV Gunge Party can be used as a main attraction, or even an exciting addition to any event, and allows promoters touring the nation's clubs to heighten the profile of their brand/DJ(s) with this crazy, interactive attraction.

Full Package includes

  • Inflatable Pool 269cm x 175cm x 51cm (sizes may vary)
  • Electric 240V Air pump
  • 2 Kg Green Gunge Powder (Makes 25 Litres of Green Gunge)
  • 2 Kg Yellow Gunge Powder (Makes 25 Litres of Yellow Gunge)
  • Instructions
  • MSDS data sheet

Optional Extras:

  • Extra Gunge Powder (Yellow or Green)
  • Paint Mixing Paddle (SDS chuck needed if you have SDS drill)
  • SDS adapter Drill Chuck (Required for SDS Drills)


Powder – Requires mixing as per instructions (included)

Mixing Paddle – Used to mix the Powder

SDS drill adapter – For attaching the mixing paddle to SDS drills

Most Parties are on stock but some require a 2 week lead time.

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£300 + VAT + Delivery

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Delivery Informarion

  • UK Orders £35 (2-4 Days Delivery)
  • Next Day Delivery (Call the Office)
  • Worldwide Orders Please contact us for a quote

Items are normally dispatched within 2 Working days

Returns Policy: We only accept returns if items are unopened and unused in there original condition that we sent them in. Client to return at there own cost.

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