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Radioactive is one of our most unique events to date, delving into the imaginative realms of clubbing nuclear mayhem. Following a suspected radiation leak, your club is now RADIOACTIVE....yet the party must go on! Your guests are guaranteed an amazing night as they embrace the thrills of a Radioactive party. Donning protective white boiler suits and face masks, watch them go wild as they splatter, dowse, smear and drench each other in Yellow and Green UV Body Paints and UV Face Paints. With neon yellow and neon green Glow Sticks illuminating the dance floor, the radioactive energy will continue to buzz the whole night long!

Radioactive party in a box is suitable for any size venue and perfect to keep in stock for last minute, spontaneous and impromptu events. No pre-booking or operators are required and you have full control of your party. You could even expand on the Radioactive Party by introducing Extreme FX's Co2 Cannons to intensify the nuclear surroundings of the Radioactive theme. Radioactive also offers promoters touring the nation's clubs and student unions the opportunity to heighten the profile of their brand/DJ(s) with this innovative fantasy attraction, which works well with any genre of music, particularly Dubstep. By purchasing Radioactive party in a box you will receive 25 White Boiler Suits for staff, 100 Face Masks, 50 x 150ml UV Face Paints (RTU – 25 Yellow & 25 Green), 75 x 250ml UV Body Paints (RTU – 37 Yellow & 38 Green) and 100 Glow Sticks (50 Yellow & 50 Green). Additional White Boiler Suits, Face Masks, UV Face Paints, UV Body Paints and Glow Sticks are available to purchase, delivered directly to your door.

Full Package includes

  • 25 White Boiler Suits for staff
  • 100 Face Masks
  • 75 x 10ml UV Face Paints (green)
  • 75 x 10ml UV Face Paints (yellow)
  • 100 Glow Sticks (yellow)
  • Instructions
  • MSDS data sheet

Optional Extras:

  • White Boiler Suits
  • Face Masks
  • UV Face Paints
  • UV Body Paints
  • Glow Sticks


RTU = Ready to use

Buy Online (Paypal)

£300 + VAT + Delivery

Want to PAY over the Phone? Call the Office +44 (0)1900 837942

Delivery Informarion

  • UK Orders £35 (2-4 Days Delivery)
  • Next Day Delivery (Call the Office)
  • Worldwide Orders Please contact us for a quote

Items are normally dispatched within 2 Working days

Returns Policy: We only accept returns if items are unopened and unused in there original condition that we sent them in. Client to return at there own cost.

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