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Atomic Uproar

Atomic Uproar

Atomic Uproar

Atomic Uproar is a dramatic show full of body tingling displays, we take our CO2 and laser show mix them up with club decor, inflatable branding and yellow uv goodies to bring you an unforgettable explosion.

CO2 show

CO2 show provides a sensational visual display as clouds of cooling CO2 project across your venue, one of the best visual effects in the World. Using our high powered CO2 jets mounted to manfrotto stand we release large amounts of CO2 creating a sublime effect.

Laser show

Complementing the CO2 show our laser system projects multi-coloured laser beams penetrating the CO2 cloud creating tunnel and animated effects which leave you speechless.

Yellow UV face paint party

Yellow radioactive UV face paint is given out to your crowd. Watch as they contaminate themselves with UV pigment and take on a glow of their own.

Inflatable branding and club decor

If that wasn't enough we totally transform the club with Atomic Uproar inflatable branding and decor.

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