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Sub-zero is the ultimate in cool, and will guarantee to send chills down your crowd’s spines, and leave them with no illusion that yours is the best venue around!

Wrap up warm, in the hottest venue in town.

CO2 parties are big business right now; everyone is doing them, from the largest superclubs, right down to the smaller more intimate venues. They were made popular by the huge superclubs throughout the world’s top holiday destinations, and when holiday makers and clubbers got back to the UK, they wanted to relive the memories and experience the fun once again.

At Extreme FX, we took the basic CO2 Party concept, and turned it into a full event, guaranteed to make your event stand out.

The FX treatment

The basic concept of Sub-Zero will always be the CO2 party. However, we realised that in order to make it a run-away success, there needed to be a whole new level in design and concept, guaranteed to ensure that everyone is aware that this is the ultimate CO2 party.

To take it to the next level, not only do we provide the CO2 special effects, but we turn your venue into the coolest place in town with our range of themed club inflatables, and full event branding…guaranteed to make you stand out from the competition. Imagine giant icicles inflatables will hang from the ceiling transforming your venue into a SubZero setting.


If that wasn’t enough we use our professional snow machine to project snow flurries into the venue creating a mystical illusion that it is actually snowing  inside.  Top package that includes 2 amazing winter elements and inflatables to dramatically send the chill factor out across your crowd.

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