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About PaintGlow

UV Paint Party

PaintGlow's UV Paint Party

logo_paint_glowTwo years in the making, Extreme FX has created the ultimate UV Paint Party experience using our innovation, state-of-the-art technology and special effects to bring you the ultimate must see show. PaintGlow takes you on a roller coaster journey as we unleash our weapons of mass destruction, producing UV paint explosions, bubble trouble, CO2 visuals and other special effects to create the ultimate UV Paint Party.

PaintGlow's UV Paint Party is a unique show that fuses together music, special effects and paint into a mind blowing combination which creates interaction, excitement and enjoyment from start to finish. Our spectacular show has a dramatic impact on your crowd, as they go absolutely crazy chanting “we want paint, we want paint!”

PaintGlow is Europe’s largest UV Paint Party show and is taking the Europe by storm; Student unions, universities, colleges, nightclubs and festivals alike are going crazy for the PaintGlow experience.

Paint Show

Using 6 of the brightest UV paints (Green, Pink, Orange, Blue, White, Yellow) we create a montage of UV explosions using of specially made air compressed weapons. Your crowd will go insane as we project UV Paint out into the arena. Watch as they start to take on a glow of their own and want more of the Paint madness. Our machines are one of a kind and were specially made for PaintGlow, they have the capabilities of projecting large amounts of Paint up to 15 meters in mid-air.

Special Effects

We offer a fast range of special effects ranging from cryogenic CO2 effects to Confetti blasts and not to mention our balloon drop and foam effects. All this together creates a compelling array of ultra-modern thrilling effects.

Inflatable and Décor

PaintGlow totally transformers your venue with club branding and Décor which include big inflatable tubes, 10 point UV stars, inflatable discs and tablet will hang from the ceiling creating a mesmerising setting and backdrop for the paint war to begin.

Branding / Advertising

We supply our promo video to be used to advertise the event and free PaintGlow artwork template. If that wasn’t enough, we will advertise your event in our listings on the PaintGlow website and Social media pages.

Merchandise shop

All our products will be on sale at the venue including white suits and UV paint.

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