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Foam Party

Foam Party

Foam Party

A Foam party is without doubt the most popular party on the planet. These special foam events can be held almost anywhere from nightclubs to birthday parties.

Watch your clubbers go wild when our Universal Effects cannon projects foam up to 8 meters, and engulfs them in gallons of foam. Foam parties are truly fantastic party themes, which can be themed in a number of different ways to meet all venue sizes indoor or outdoor. On average a foam party will attract an extra 30% custom through your doors.

Everyone has heard of a foam party because they are the most popular party theme on the planet. They have been around for over 30 years and have become increasingly popular due to nightclubs like Pacha in Ibiza and BCM nightclub in Magaluf both respectively super clubs in Europe which have hosted thousands of these over the years.

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Fragrant & UV Foam Parties

Extreme FX has taken this iconic party and used modern technology to revolutionise it. Creating totally new foam parties some of these include: UV foam, Banana foam party, chocolate foam party, Bubblegum foam party and the largest foam parties in the World.

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Extreme FX boasts an incredible selection of foam parties and the biggest foam cannon in the world. We hold the largest hire stock of foam cannons in the UK and manufacture our own line of consumables including foam solution, UV foam solution and fragrant foam.

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Foam Pit

This is an inflatable pit that is designed to hold the foam in and keep floors, carpets and outside areas dry. These inflatable pits are 15ft by 15ft. Just like a bouncy castle but without the bouncy bed. Our pits can be used in conjunction with the Foam Cannon. The foam pit can be filled to approximately 3ft.

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Non-Slip matting

Our specially designed non-slip matting prevents your customers from slipping in the foam. Non-slip matting is ideal for wooden and tiled flooring as these surfaces tend to be extremely slippery with foam.  Ask for this on request.

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De-foaming Solution (Clean-up)

Cleaning up at the end of a foam party is always difficult; it is impossible to vacuum the foam up with a wet-vac as it simply foams back-up in the machine, brushing it out the door is impossible as the foam simply rides-up over the broom and a similar problem happens with squeegees.

The application of a very small amount of our bio-degradable de-foamer to the surface of the foam and a little agitation will cause the foam to pop and “fizz away” turning the majority of it back to water making it easy to brush away. The de-foamer also stops the foam from foaming-up in vacuum cleaners so you can use a wet/dry vac to simply vacuum the residue up. You can even pump the residual water out of the door with a puddle pump!

De-foamer should be mixed with water in a ratio of 2:1000 (0.2%) prior to application. The mixed product should be sprayed onto the surface of the foam. For great, speedy results use a Pressure Spray machine

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Health & Safety

Here at Extreme Fx we are always health and safety conscious supplying every party with risk assessment, disclaimers and 5 million public liability as standard. If you are worried about potential slip hazard on some surfaces we can supply non-slip matting on request.

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