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Messy Parties

Messy Parties

Gunge Tank

Gunge takes on a whole new meaning when you involve us. Our world famous Gunge party takes you back to your childhood, where only mess is good. The possibilities are endless, you can play team games, competitions, give individual gunging’s , even grab a few quiz questions…where a wrong answer means worse than no points awarded. Our Gunge party provides an insane amount of fun and laughter from start to end and can be used of any number of events; birthday parties, garden parties, school fetes, even nightclub competitions…the options are endless. One thing is for sure…by the end of it, your participants will be messy!

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Jelly Wrestling

Jelly Wrestling began in the US (or Jell-O as they call it), and has quickly taken the world by storm as a fun alternative to (the more serious) Mud Wrestling competitions that take place throughout the world. Jelly Wrestling has quickly established itself as a firm favourite throughout the UK with Student Unions, Nightclubs and Stag/hen parties. We’ve hosted it in a number of different ways, from setting up and letting people wrestle each other ad hoc, to running full blow competitions, with matches, and finals, where the winner has won a huge prize, from a year’s free entry to the club, to their equivalent weight in alcohol. Obviously our jelly is safe to use, and by using standard food colourings we can supply it in a range of colours….we’ve even provided scented jelly!

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Custard Wrestling

Custard Wrestling is the new kid on the block, as is fast becoming a serious contender to the best wrestling party in town….after all, who doesn’t like custard! Just like our Jelly Wrestling, we’ve provided our Custard Wrestling to pubs, nightclubs and SU’s throughout the UK and have seen some excellent nights where the final champion has taken away a big prize. Custard wrestling really does give a new meaning to the tear yellow peril…and is perfect for that sweet tooth. How sweet will your ladies be after a bout or two of no holds barred Custard Wrestling.

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Mud Wrestling

The original and, some say, still the best in filthy entertainment. Mud Wrestling has a long established tradition as the dirty, filthiest event ever created, and we bring it to you in the form of a party! Mud Wrestling has a habit of bringing out the (party) animal in each of us. Whether it’s a just-for-fun wrestle with a friend, or a shot at the number one spot for the events top prize, it fun for all…including the onlookers. Mud wrestling can be used for events or fundraisers, and is a great way to kick off a party.

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Remember (depending on your dress code policies), all of our Messy Parties can be as risqué as you like…

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