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Monster Munch Party

Monster Mucnh

Monster Munch™ Party

Embrace your inner child, and take a trip down memory lane with our retro Monster Munch™ party.

Originally created for some of our Halloween themed party events, this monstrous party has taken off in a big way over the past few years, so much so that it’s become a staple part of our themed parties throughout the year.

Everybody loves Monster Munch™, from Student Unions, to Nightclub party-goers to schools and private parties. Our Monster Munch™ Party appeals to people of all ages because of the sheer silliness of the concept. It both appeals and intrigues the party-goers making them interested in attending your party.

We use only the best, and as we’re advertising Monster Munch™ it’s only Walker’s Monster Munch™ that we use. You can have all three standard flavours of Roast Beef, Picked Onion or Flamin’ Hot (or any combination of at once), and we will even use the limited edition flavours as and when they become available.

Our specially made Monster Munch™ projection machine is capable of firing the little monsters up to a colossal 8 meters into the air. Watch if you dare as the Monsters go airborne and enter the Extreme Zone. Totally new concept designed for the Student market.

Not so keen on Monster Munch™? Why not try our Space Raiders™ Party.

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