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Popcorn Party

Popcorn Party

Popcorn Party

Absolutely massive in Ibiza and Magaluf this is the daddy of all parties. It’s been around for years and never ceases to amaze partygoers around the globe.

Popcorn parties are so diverse making it suitable for all venues. Watch your guests go wild as we to fire huge amounts of Popcorn into the air creating the flurry of popcorn madness. Its an instant hit which will pull in the crowds and put money behind the bar making it a cost effective and profitable night.

Popcorn Parties have been thrilling partygoers for years as Popcorn particles are projected up to 10 meters with our spectacular Popcorn cannon. Our machine not only looks incredible but is the most powerful popcorn cannon currently in the UK, designed to our exacting standards to fire insane amounts of Popcorn into the venue.

Popcorn that we project out of the Popcorn Cannon is plain popcorn and is edible to eat if you feel hungry during the show.

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