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Rodeo Rides

Rodeo Rides

Rodeo Bull

Hold onto your hat, scream Yee-Ha and get ready for the ride of your life, as we take you on a mechanical journey of laughter and enjoyment.

Rodeo Bulls have been a staple attraction for many years now and we have taken it one step further with a range of rides to complement nearly any themed night or event possible.

Rodeo Football

Want to do something special for the football World Cup (or important local game), hire in our Rodeo Football…guaranteed to be harder to survive than the traditional bull, this giant football won’t be kicked around.

Rodeo Reindeer

Christmas just round the corner? Give Rudolph an early ride out before Christmas Eve with our Rodeo Reindeer.

Rodeo Pumpkin

Brand new attachment that has been released for the Halloween antics. Prepare to ride on the orange monster and see if you can hold on to this Pumpkin attraction.

Rodeo Willy

Rodeo Willy…yes, you heard it right…Rodeo Willy. Perfect for the risqué ladies nights and hen parties, we provide a bucking and gyrating 1.5m long willy for your ladies to tame…that never runs out of batteries!

As always, if you prefer to keep things simple and stick with the original and best, we have our mad bull, just ready to stampede over anyone who attempts to tame it.

Rodeo Rides

Great fun in any venue as a get-on-and-have-a-go attraction, we even have the facility to host competitions. Using our big LED time display we can log each riders time, and the rider that survives the longest claims a prize of your choosing

All Rodeo rides require a flat area of at least 5 meters squared to operate from, and a minimum ceiling height of 2.8 metres (9ft). We also require a standard 13 amp supply, and can provide a generator of outside events at an extra cost.

As standard, £5million public liability cover is supplied.

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