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Paint Dome


PAINTDOME (UV Paint Party without the mess)

1 year in the making let us introduce you to the world's first ever self-contained Paint Party

Always been worried about the mess and hassle with holding a UV paint party? Now we have the solution with our unique self-contained Paint party Dome. The UV paint is projected into the dome via a shower system, clubbers enter and enjoy the UV paint party experience. We give clubbers free boiler suits to protect clothing and Clubbing shades to give eye protection.
Clubbing has evolved join the revolution

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Key Points:
• The World's first self-contained Paint Dome
• No mess & hassle free
• 360 degree viewing angle
• Totally pop up Uv paint party
• Uv paint shower system
• Controlled paint party zone
• Great fun inside and out
• Safest Paint party in the World
• Designed to fit in low ceiling venues

• Transparent paint dome (W) 5m x (L) 5m x (H) 2.8m
• 300 Litres of UV paint
• 2 x Operators
• 4 UV Lights
• Extreme Pro shower system
• 200 White Boiler suits (Protect customers clothing)
• 200 Clubbing shades (Protects customers eyes)
• 200 Face masks (Protects customers from ingestion of paint)

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Also check out our website if you require Paint party supplies everything you will ever need to host your own UV paint party

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