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C02 Party

C02 Party

CO2 Party

Give your event that original Ibiza feel, and check out the sensational visual display that our CO2 Parties provide. Imagine clouds of cooling CO2 projecting across your dance floor, refreshing your guests and creating one of the best visual effects in the World.
Each burst from our CO2 cannon releases large amounts of CO2 into the venue creating a sublime effect; it’s a great way to compliment any laser effects as the beams penetrate the cloud. The CO2 cannons are extremely portable making them very user friendly and allowing us to operate almost anywhere within venues.

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CO2 Bazooka

CO2 Bazooka's are extremely versatile and ideal for venues with stage area, podiums, low ceiling and small venues. They are used to create a presence on stage as the big bazooka looks like something out of a war film.

Our highly skilled team shoot plumes of CO2 into the air cooling the crowd down. The CO2 Bazooka creates a loud bang sound and jaw dropping visuals.

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CO2 Jets

CO2 Jets have evolved from the sunny isles of Ibiza which have some of the best super clubs in the world, most having CO2 systems built into the clubs.

CO2 is an extraordinary effect creating stunning backdrops providing an everlasting sensation as clouds of CO2 cool down your crowd by up to -20 degrees C.

Our industry standard CO2 jets which can produce clouds of CO2 up to 8 meters are suitable for a wide variety of venues and shows.

We have 3 different types of CO2 effects. To create the ultimate CO2 party these include: CO2 Jets, CO2 Bazooka, CO2 stage jets.

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CO2 Stage Jets

CO2 stage jets provide a stunning high impact visual for performing Djs, bands and live acts on stage. Our CO2 Jets shot plumes of CO2 vertically into the air creating a dramatic display.

Stage Jets are generally placed at the front of the stage. Our highly skilled team will operate the effect using the CO2 control box.

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World Wide Installation Service

We can provide bespoke CO2 Jet installation from design to fitting. If you’re looking to take things one step further then the Megatron Liquid nitrogen system is the one for you.

The Megatron (Ice Cannon) is the original, liquid nitrogen, fog cannon used in some of the biggest nightclubs in the World.

The Ice Cannon produces a huge and powerful blast of freezing cold fog that can engulf an entire dance floor or nightclub in just seconds.

The system use liquid nitrogen at -196°C and is, therefore, much safer than carbon dioxide (Co2) systems. Our systems are bespoke and complete, including everything you require from storage tanks, to vacuum jacketed piping, our very own Megatron control panel, oxygen depletion monitoring etc.

If you want the biggest, coldest and most spectacular Ice Cannon effect the Megatron is the one for you.

We supply an unprecedented sales, installation and maintenance service. Our dedicated team are on hand to give you advice and guidance for all queries (cick here This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it )

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