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Snow Party

Snow Cannon

Snow Party

Snow is that magical thing that takes you back to your childhood: sledging, snowball fights and building a snowman with coal for eyes and a carrot nose….everyone has fond memories of playing in the snow as a child…and now you can happily relive those memories, and play in the snow once again.

Using exactly the same machines that they use at top tourist destinations throughout the world (think Disney World, Universal Studios etc), Extreme FX can bring a little bit (well a lot if were being honest) of the winter outdoors, indoors….regardless as to the time of the year.

Our Snow Machines project a huge amount of fake snow into the air, spread over a large distance than then magically floats down, giving the effect of a real snow fall. It’s the prefect winter wonderland effect and brings out the magic of Christmas direct to your venue and party during any season, a and at any time of the year.

Were not just limited to providing a Snow party in doors, we can great the magical snowfall out doors and is perfect for festivals, concerts, film and studio productions and even weddings. Just think, your dream of a white wedding can become a reality, even in the height of summer, and if you are getting married in winter? Forget Mother Nature, here at Extreme FX we can guarantee your perfectly times snowfall, be it for the church service, photos, whenever you want it, wherever you want it.

Don’t forget you can check out our specially designed Winter Wonderland Party, where we combine the magic of snow, whit the icy cold blast of CO2.

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