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UV Bubble

UV Bubble Party

UV Bubble party

UV bubble parties provide a breath-taking spectacle as thousands of bubbles transcend around the venue, illuminated by our UV cannons.

UV Bubble Parties are perfect for Student Unions and Nightclubs alike who want to host a UV type party, where they encourage their clubbers and customers to go all out with UV/neon clothing, glow sticks and clubbers face paint. We can also provide bubble shows (both UV and non-UV) for Concerts and Festivals as we only use the very best Universal Effects machines, which are professional grade equipment to ensure we provide thousands and thousands of bubbles continuously.

Extreme FX will transform your venue with our stock of UV lighting and dedicated trussing systems, which creates a mesmerising ultraviolet backdrop. Anything white while glow under the high-powered ultraviolet light and your venue will look outstanding. Our secret ingredient: our specially formulated UV bubble solution which is superior to that which you can buy in the shops and will ensure each bubble glows brightly under the UV light…and as your night progresses, your crowd will take on a beautiful iridescent glow of their own under ultraviolet light.

This little gem of a party is so universal; it can be adapted for small and large venues alike, and due to its very nature, it can be held with a minimum of mess!

This is one of our most popular parties at the moment, and you can rest assured that a UV Bubble Party is guaranteed to attract more customers to your venue.

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