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Uv Foam Party

UV Foam Party

UV Foam party

Here at Extreme FX, we’ve taken Foam parties to the next level!

Foam parties are big business throughout the world, from the sun kissed White Isle, to the clubs of New York, and right now the world is going nuts of UV and Neon themed events, so we’ve took the best of both worlds and combined them into one jaw dropping event.

Our UV Foam party combines the excitement of foam, with the UV wow factor!

We were one of the first companies in the UK to bring you UV Foam, and continually provide successful parties to Nightclubs, Student Unions, Universities, and even outdoor festivals. Our UV Foam parties are hot, and even after a couple of years of supplying them, demand is still as strong as ever and dates are getting booked out for regular events all over the country.

Just like with our regular Foam parties, we use only the best foam cannons, and top solutions to ensure we are providing the very best party possible. Our foam cannon fires the foam for 8 metres, and anyone on the dancefloor is going to get covered with gallons and gallons of UV paint, leaving them with the unforgettable UV glow.

The most important part of any UV themed party, is the UV lighting, and we only use the very best 400w UV cannons to light up your crowd. We can provide anything from a couple of lights on tripods, for the smaller venues with less space, right through to a huge trussing rig that spans 3 metres (9ft) and can be raised to a maximum of 3.7 metres (12ft). This huge rig is capable of safely holding up to 12 UV cannons to ensure that every party of your venue is washed in an ultraviolet glow.

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