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UV Light Hire

UV Light Hire

UV Light Hire / UV Cannon Hire

Here at Extreme FX, we carry a large stock of UV cannons, which are available for private hire. Currently we use the industry standard in UV cannons, which are rated at 400w and provide a large light dispersal, however as technology comes on we are continually exploring and testing the latest that LED technology has to offer.

The 400w UV cannons are exceptionally bright and only a couple if units can seriously compliment any venues lighting system, lighting up anyone/thing in white (or light colours). UV cannons are an absolute must for anyone hosting a UV or Neon themed party.

The lighting units can be rigged in any number of ways utilising your own trussing systems, or for maximum effect, we have our own industry standard portable trussing, which can hold 12 UV Cannons safely and securely, spread over a 3 metre (approx. 10ft) span, and raised to a maximum height of 3.7 metres(approx. 12ft). Used like this, the lighting provides a focal point and adds to the overall UV effect.

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