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UV Snow Party

UV Snow Party

UV Snow party

Everyone loves it when it snows, and right now everyone loves UV Parties…so this was the prefect mix. UV Snow party is yet another amazing themed party from our extensive range of UV themed parties…and it doesn’t have to be winter to hold one!

Extreme FX is proud to be one of the first companies in the UK offering this amazing UV party which will wow your audience time and time again. Using the very best machines, direct from the world’s number one manufacturer (Universal Effects) we can create a UV winter wonderland in any venue, be it Student Union, nightclub…even a wedding or other private party.

Imagine your crowd being in the centre of a magical downpour of soft UV glowing snow which will leave everything looking like a winter wonderland, regardless as to the weather outside, be it 20 degrees in the height of summer, or minus 20 in winter.

To make our UV Snow party glow with full effect, we use only the very best in UV technology, utilising 400W UV cannons, to provide maximum coverage throughout your venue. Each booking is very much venue specific, so we provide a bespoke package (often based on venue size and space constraints) which included our snow machine and a number of UV lighting units, ranging from a couple of lights, through to a large trussing rig which is capable of holding 12 cannons, over a 3 metre (10ft) span, and can be raised to a maximum height of 3.7 metres (12ft).

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